Selected Work


Documentary Short / Director Oliver Meinborn / Shanti e.V.

Camera: Fuji XT3 ProRes Lens: Fuji

Shopna has less than three Euros a day to live, feed her two children and provide them with proper education.

A challenge that she has in common with 80 million others in Bangladesh.

Thanks to the efforts of local NGOs and their German fundraiser Shanti, Shopna’s situation has changed for the better. In order to showcase how beneficial these projects are we gave this extraordinary woman the opportunity to tell her story:

How she has slipped into abject poverty by great misfortune and that now she is determined to fight her way back.



Multimedia City Campaign / Concept: Marcel Haupt & Björn Weber Director Marcel Haupt & Björn Weber / #5630

Camera: Arri Alexa, Fuji XH1, Leica SL Lens: Zeiss Makro, Fuji, Leica

#5630 gibt den Begabungen, Ideen und Visionen jugendlicher Talente der Stadt Remscheid eine Bühne. Aus individuellen Charakteren wird ein „WIR“. Gegenseitige Wertschätzung ist der Grundstein dieses Projektes: wir gehen neue Wege, entwickeln neue Ideen – eine Symbiose, die präsentiert wird.

Der Verein #5630 - das sind WIR in Remscheid e.V. fördert folgende gemeinnützige Zwecke: die Jugendhilfe, Kunst und Kultur, Volks- und Berufsbildung sowie Studentenhilfe und den Sport.


If zombies ruled the earth

Lincoln Davis "If zombies ruled the earth" / Director Chris Poulles

Camera: BM Ursa Mini pro Lens: Zeiss ZF

Music Video for the Artist "Lincoln Davis"


Water Safety Plan

Documentary Short / Director Oliver Meinborn / WHO Europe

Camera: Fuji XH1 Lens: Fuji

This documentary follows a rural community in the mountains of Tajikistan that is spearheading water safety planning in central Asia. It follows their implementation of a water safety plan, capturing lessons learned and tips for suppliers across the WHO European Region.



Documentary-Commercial / Director Schnittfrequenz / Production Schnittfrequenz

Camera: BM Ursa Mini 4.6K Lens: Leica Summilux


Magadan - City built on bones

Documentary 77' / Director Christian Zipfel / Producer Nicolaas Meinshausen ifs internationale filmschule köln

Camera: BMPCC / HD Lens: Zeiss Highspeed

Magadan was the northeastern transit camp of the Gulag during the Soviet Union. Countless innocent people were deported to Siberia and died there in icy labour camps. Of these so-called "Seki" only a few survived who still live in the Kolyma today. This film is about the people in Magadan, their painful memory of the Gulag, the processing of the trauma and their personal attitude to freedom.